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Lu 1556 is running our underwater welding classes starting in January

We now have a welding procedure in 1/8.

What this means is you no longer have to leave your welding certifications with your employer.
In the past when you passed an underwater welding procedure it was owned by who ever you passed it for. If you left that contractor you welding ticket stayed with them.
Now the UBC underwater welding procedure ticket can travel with you to any UBC contractor.
The UBC is now working on a 5/32 underwater welding procedure. This is in response to our NY and NJ contractors asking for.
The UBC is dedicated to our divers and is offering the best training available.

Kirby Morgan Class 1/9/17-1/10/17. 1/12/17-1/13/17. 
Underwater Bridge Inspection Class 3/6/17-3/9/17. 26 Available. 

If you have not taken the Hat class you should.
You rebuild your own hat in class and you can do your hat certification for three years.
I took the bridge class several year ago at the university of New Mexico ant it was one of the best classes I ever took. I never used my Federal Bridge inspection certificate to inspect bridges but it definitely helped me in my career.
It helped me understand how bridges were built and helped me get my point across to Engineers better.

The day of just being a hard working diver are going away. We need to have the education and certificates to back it up. We are highly paid we need to be highly trained.
We have worked hard to bring you the specialty classes to you now it up to you to use them. 
The classes are open to all UBC Divers call our training center to get the information.

Robert Rieche
908 413 0247