Union  Divers Dockbuilders  Local 1556

Calling All Union Divers and Dockbuilders!

Local 1556 elections are here. It is important that you vote.

​ Bob Reiche is running again for the delegate position. Here are some facts you may not know about Bob: Bob Reiche is currently a delegate for our Union Divers Local 1556. In the 1990’s, Bob implemented the very first Diving Tending class to educate Dockbuilders on the equipment and hazards of our Commercial Divers. Bob Reiche was the leading force in establishing diving classes, such as the Underwater Welding class and the Kirby Morgan Diving Helmet Technician course. As a result, it is now possible to certify our own hats. Bob’s goal is to keep our Union leading the way in the commercial diving industry along the East Coast. Bob has been fighting for the Union Divers’ rights against the corporate diving contractors who are continuously trying to take away our rights. For the very first time in our local’s history, Bob Reiche established the first Diving Committee to address our future, our needs, and to lead by example to be the top diving union in the country. Bob has been fighting for the Dockbuilders and Divers for 20 years, and many of the amenities we have you can thank him for. This is just the tip of the iceberg on what Bob has done, and what Bob wants to do for our union.  Please vote—and vote for Bob Reiche to become a Delegate for Local 1556. You must be in good standing to vote..


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