Union  Divers    DOCKBUILDERS  1556

Dave Engelbert with Union Commercial Diver Neville Rodney (center),  giving advice to a young student about the reality of what it takes to be successful in our line of work.

From left to right, Union member Dave Engelbert,  Dan Orr, president of Divers Alert Network  (DAN,)  Bob Reiche, and Union Commercial Diver Jenna Iannelli, 

Later, the members attended the Fish and Famous dinner, which featured notables such as Jean Michel Cousteau, Phil Newton, inventor of the Exo Suit, and famous underwater photography pioneer, Stan Waterman.

Five members were selected by the Diving Committee to attend the Marine Careers Event at the Beneath the Sea Expo at the Meadowlands Convention Center in Secaucus, New Jersey.
Marine Careers  is a day-long program targeted to high school and college students interested in pursuing a marine/maritime career.  We met with the director of Marine Careers, Flore Locker who said, "We believe in the importance of exposing students to experts who represent a variety of marine fields, businesses, schools and organizations.  These expert professionals provide guidance and insider tips to students about types of marine careers, career education, and networking/job opportunities. Perhaps there are opportunities for our students to join the union in waterfront locations?  Since we have many students from NYC attending our program, it would be great if you and/or a colleague could be present to meet them and provide that information!"
The program took place on Friday, March 27, 2015 at the Holiday Inn in Harmon Meadow, Secaucus, NJ, across from the Meadowlands Exposition Center.  The Diving Committee was present as an exhibitor from 9 - 11:30 AM.

The “Marine Careers” program at Beneath the Sea was a great success, certainly in part due to the attendance of Local 1556 members Bob Reiche, Dave Engelbert, Jenna Iannielli, Bob Sundstrom, Neville Rodney and Gene Ritter.

Students from various schools and colleges interested in a future working in the water, had the opportunity to talk with the union members.   They asked questions pertaining to how to become a commercial diver, what it was like, and anything related to the topic.  One student shrugged when it was mentioned that a commercial diver often works in less than optimum conditions. He remarked, “My dad told me ever since I was small to get comfortable being uncomfortable.” The members nearby affirmed that this was exactly the attitude needed for success in the field.

Diving Committee Attended the Marine Careers Event at Beneath the Sea Expo.

Beneath the Sea Expo

From left to right; Diving Engineer Bryan Juncosa, Jenna Ianielli, Bob Reiche, Stan Waterman, Bobby Sundstrom,and Neville Rodney

The union members had the opportunity to participate in dry-dressing attendees in the Mark V Diver dress. The exhibition booth featured this gear, as it celebrated its 100th anniversary.  Spectators marveled at the old-versus-new equipment used by a working diver.  There were many "photo ops" for family and friends watching  surprised participants attempt to stand, with about 200 pounds of suit and helmet.  

Local 1556 members at the Fish and Famous dinner, with Jean Michel Cousteau (far right), Phil Newton (bottom center), Paul Zighan (bottom left), President of Beneath the Sea.