Union  Divers    DOCKBUILDERS  1556

Carlie Beshera  (212) 727-2224 ext 105.     When you contact Carlie Please Thank her for making these classes possible. She is going above and beyond handling all the logistics that makes these classes.

by Bob Sobrino Photos Fred McManus 

If interested in taking this class contact the administrative assistant of the New YorkCity District Council of Carpenters Labor Technical College .

Five Members  Take the First Kirby Morgan Hat Technician Class Offered by the UBC .

Let's congratulate our 5 members of 1556 that has taken the first Kirby Morgan hat technician class offered by the UBC. They are Fred McManus, Frank Day, James Dean, Eric Lawson, and Robert Rieche. Their was also a few other divers in this class from all around the country. The class was held in the Carpenters International Training Center in Las Vegas. These members are now capable of servicing and certifying all of Kirby Morgan brand of dive helmets.

This class is offered to all commercially certified divers in good standing with the UBC.  It is recommended to bring your own Kirby Morgan type hat to this class. (hats are not supplied) The school supplies the parts to be replaced during your annual service.

Robert Rieche and James Dean completing the course at the carpenters training facility in Las Vagas