District Council of Carpenters  

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 Above all else, the District Council is dedicated to guarantee that  every worker in our represented trades has rights in the workplace, a fair wage, a healthy family  and hope for a future. The construction industry is prone to exploitative and dangerous conditions in the workplace, our efforts are to eliminate those tendencies through strong advocacy and direct action.

The New York District Council of Carpenters and Joiners of America is a

representative body comprised of eight individual Locals and 25,000 union members. The District Council functions as the voice for thousands of New York City's most dedicated and skilled Carpenters, Millwrights, Dockbuilders, Marine Divers, Core Drillers, Timbermen, Cabinetmakers, Floorcoverers, and Industrial Workers.


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How Can we help you

If you are a non- union experienced diver and would like to join our union, you must call the hall

If you are coming out of High school and would like to join our apprentice  Program ,you must  call the hall.

if you are a contractor and would to join as a signatory contractor ,you must call the hall

if you are a union shop steward and you are having a issue on your job site that you can't solve,
You must call the hall 

Who are we?

We are the workers who are members of the union. We work for the contractors who have signed a signatory  contract with the union.. We are dedicated and committed to our line of work. Many union workers come from a proud generation of Carpenters, Dockbuilders and Divers..

District Council of Carpenters 

New York / new jersey