Union  Divers    DOCKBUILDERS  1556

New dive helmets from aqua lung.. There's  also  a diver head's  up display. Take a look at these CO2 and O2 gas analyzers. Easy to install and inexpensive. 

The Carpenters International has sent 5 members to the 3 day ADCI show in New Orleans. 

They went to talk to various union and non-union  contractors including independent divers about education and safety for our divers that the International represents.

They also had productive meetings with OSHA and the United States  Coast Guard .

The members in attendance for this special event was Robert Rieche ,Brian McLaughlin

Dan Kuhs President of local 56 in Boston, Bob Lautenberg  representing Diving International and Oly Olson representing the Docbuilder International

Underwater battery drill good to two hundred feet

Union Members Attend the ADCI show in New Orleans 

Other new inventions were a black water video unit that uses a water jet to make a tunnel of clean water to video in. Take a look at this  small one diver hot water unit for just around $1500.

 If that doesn't grab you how about hot water coveralls or a hydraulic grinder

Local Union 1556 and the Dive Safety Committee cares about our members. We make efforts to stay informed by keeping up with the latest technology available in our industry. We passed this knowledge down to our members to  help them keep their job site safe and up-to-date. For more information email is at;