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The “Marine Careers” Program at Beneath the Sea was a Great Success 

The “Marine Careers” program at Beneath the Sea was a great success, certainly in part due to the attendance of Local 1556 members Bob Reiche, Dave Engelbert, Jenna Iannelli, Bob Sundstrom, Neville Rodney and Gene Ritter . 

Five Members  Take the First Kirby Morgan Hat Technician Class Offered by the UBC .

Union Members Attend the ADCI show in New Orleans 


New York City Waterfront Revitalization initiatives

New York City Local Waterfront Revitalization Program
Brooklyn Waterfront
Fresh Kills Park
Designing the Edge
Catalyst for Neighborhood Parks
Randall’s Island
Bronx River Watershed, Greenway & Blueway
Maritime Support Services Study
Ferry Feasibility Study

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Underwater battery drill good to two hundred feet

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Members attended the Fish and Famous dinner, which featured notables such as Jean Michel Cousteau, Phil Newton, inventor of the Exo Suit, Paul Zighan President of Beneath the Sea and famous underwater photography pioneer, Stan Waterman.  Read More

Robert Rieche and James Dean completing the course at the carpenters training facility in Las Vagas

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