South Street Sea Port

Mvn  inc.

East River, New York.

Turbidity Curtain

Gunderboom  INc.

Tomkins Cove Power Plant.

Barge Salvage

EIC Construction

Port New Jersey.

IKEA Plaza

EIc.  construction

Red  Hook  Brooklyn , New York.

Coney Island Creek

sevenson  environment

Brooklyn, New York.

What we do

 ~~The Piledrivers, Dockbuilders, and Marine Divers of NYCDCC specialty Local Union 1556 work on buildings, bridges, tunnels, docks, wharves, and other land- and water-based structures. They direct cranes; install large, heavy timbers in many settings; and often cut, join, and fasten metal elements using welding equipment and oxy-acetylene torches. LU 1556 marine divers work in a team of Dive-tenders and Dockbuilders to do full-time underwater construction. comfort. 

Job Photos

Welcome to our world of heavy construction!

Train Platform Foundation

lci contractors

South Amboy, New Jersey

Pile Extraction

Hudson valley environmental

Port Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Shea Stadium

loftus construction

Flushing Queens,  New York.

Commercial Union Divers use hot water in their suit, to stay warm underwater for long periods of time. 

           Union  Divers    DOCKBUILDERS  1556

Robert Moses Bridge

Arben  Group LLC

Suffolk County  Long Island ,NY

Pier #1

reicon group llc

Brooklyn Bridge Park, East River nyc

Alexander Hamilton Bridge

Kiwit  construction

Gowanus Canal , Brooklyn New York.

Pier 17 MVN Construction

South Street Seaport New York, NY.

~~Most 1556 union work for Dockbuilders and Divers is "Pile Foundation." We are a specialty trade. It's everything to do with laying the foundation for buildings, piers, and bridges. Established in 1915 Union Dockbuilders and Divers Local 1456  have built the foundation for most of New York City for over 100 Years. .

Pier 13

Drake associates

South Street Seaport New York.

Coney Island Boardwalk

acme skillman

Brooklyn, New York.

Pier Rehab


East River, New York City.

Red Hook Brooklyn


Brooklyn, New York.

Yankee Stadium


Bronx, New York.


Roosevelt Island Bridge 


East River, New York.