Union  Divers    DOCKBUILDERS  1556

Local 1556 members use standard U.S. Navy non-decompression tables for no decompression calculations 

Commercial diving hazards are addressed in specific standards for the general industry, shipyard employment, marine terminals, longshoring, and the construction industry..


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New Labor Technical College Website is Now Online

The NYCDCC Labor Technical College now has it's own dedicated website.  All information contained on the District Council page has been reorganized and moved to their website which can be found at: nyclabortechnicalcollege.org 

Login instructions are contained here: https://nyclabortechnicalcollege.org/registration/.

Association of Diving Contractors International

The establishment of industry-wide safe standards for commercial diving was the foundation upon which the ADCI was built. Since then, the ADCI has grown to encompass more than 600 member companies, furnishing services and/or support for the conduct of safe underwater operations.

.◾29 CFR Part 1910, Subpart T – Commercial Diving Operations. OSHA Directive CPL 02-00-151, (2011, June 13). Provides guidelines for the occupational safety and health standards for commercial diving operations, 29 CFR Part 1910, Subpart T.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration